• About BUZINI®

    FOUNDED IN 2006

    We were founded in 2006 by TJay Busin and Chris Collins after meeting at the softball park. Since that day, these two have been pushing to bring the newest and best to sports from around the world.

    Why did they do it? No matter where they looked or who they called it was the same frustration... There were ZERO high quality options for sports uniforms... You either ordered the cheapest vinyl cut or the most expensive tackle twill... And BOTH were months out!

    And thus, the birth of what would later become Buzini® (Prounced boo-zee-knee).


    Brett Bukvich

    TJay Busin

    Chris Collins

    Cody Childress

    Their Bios coming soon as well a a narrative about everything Buzini® has been through to get here.The good and the bad, the promises and the let downs, those that have fought to keep it alive and those that stole from the dream.... COMING July 15th!


    Through the trials and tribulations of managing growth... the ups and downs of business and personal relationships, we have forged the path never traveled and now we continue that tradition on the web.

    Buzini® proudly presents the best Multi Sport Uniform Builder on the market.

    Expect more from us soon!

    A Quick Origin Story

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